Best insert for smaller area?

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Jun 25, 2013
Collegeville PA
We have a ranch home, in-law quarters downstairs where my FIL lives. He has a cheap Lowes pellet stove probably 10 years old but with the price of pellets, and everything else under the sun going up, he just asked me what I thought about a smaller insert for the downstairs fireplace. If I had to guess, probably 7-800sf living space. 7’ drop ceiling with a brick fireplace, open front and side. Opening measures 26” high, 45” wide and 18” deep. Will have this professionally installed as we will need a pipe up the existing chimney
A few issues come to mind. First, I cut my splits at ~22” for my Hearthstone Manchester. I could put some in my sawbuck and size it for a smaller stove for this year then cut 2 different lengths for the future. Next, I don’t want it to get too hot down there he will complain, and the 7’ ceiling is that an issue? With the left side open I will be able to feed from left or front, I prefer the left on my Manchester. Fireplace is central to the basement and in the next room from the “family room” he spends most of his time in
I like this idea of the downstairs stove as I can keep the basement doors open and heat the upstairs which hasn’t happened with the pellet stove. He is frugal and only burns it a coffee can of pellets at a time…
Pic included, he has a bunch of crap stored in and around the fireplace which will be removed of course. He has had 2 strokes this year and doesn’t get around too well, so it will be up to us to keep this new stove going
So, I was wondering what folks recommend i look at? Haven’t bought a stove since 2013 when I got my Manchester E334E790-1B39-45EE-A164-B5C5394D00FC.jpeg
You probably aren’t going to find anything installed for less than $5k and getting it for this winter might be challenging. If the pellet stove is running ok I’d keep it running. I’d Get a nice electric blanket. Too.

I installed a second stove downstairs last year and didn’t run it that much but running two stoves on two floors that burn at different rates is a lot of work. If I were to use my basement more I would get a mini split heat pump
I concur with the above. The return on investment of a few thousand dollars would take a long time, especially if he is frugal with the pellets.

If summers are hot and or humid, a minisplit helps cool and dehumidify as well. And it's remote controlled, which is good for elderly folks as well.
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Lopi Answer. Country Striker 160. PE Vista are starters
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Thanks for the responses, I’ll look into the minisplit as it is humid down there. Only upside to the wood stove would be I live in the woods and have a really good supply of firewood. The thought of keeping 2 different stoves burning at different rates is something I hadn’t considered but is a very good point!