Best Made Co. Splitting Axe

Pallet Pete Posted By Pallet Pete, Apr 2, 2013 at 8:40 PM

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    I have a Collins Legitimus Axe that belonged to my grandfather and his brothers when they were kids. I use it from time to time and it is a fine piece, but since it still has a 70 year old handle on it with nice petina, and I don't want to put a new handle on it, I don't give it the exercise it deserves and mostly keep it on the wall in my bar as decoration. I also have a nice Warren Tool Co axe from him made here in Pa that gets the same treatment.

    As BigRedd mentioned, ebay isn't a bad spot too look, although the prices for many seem to be high the last few months for some reason.

    The flea market suggestion (or garage sales around here) is a good one as well but that won't help unless you are patient and persistent.

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    It's been years but I got 3 Collins Ax heads for about $50on eBay - a very old hatchet, a single bit ax and a double bit ax. None are designed for splitting but I'll take the Pepsi Challenge with any of them against a modern equivalent.

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