Biasi 3Wood 7 low temp Circulator wiring question

bwfvt Posted By bwfvt, Nov 25, 2012 at 11:27 AM

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    I have a Biasi 3 WOOD 7 section in my garage plumbed into my Smith OHW Boiler in my basement. The Biasi has a front and rear aquastat. the front turns on the pump at the Biasi to circulate to the basement. The rear is the overflow which turns on the zone for my Kitchen off the Smith.

    The way it works now - A zone thermostat calls for heat and immediately turns that zones cirulator pump on, REGARDLESS if the system is up to temp or not.

    I have it set so that if the Smith drops below 140 the oil fires to make the difference. All that is well but I'd like to turn off the oil burner. The problem is that if the wood fire is under temp the zone circulator pumps still run, circulating below temp water.

    Is there something I can do to so the zone pumps only run when up to temp?

    Hope I didn't run on to much!! Thanks for any guidance I can get
  2. mikefrommaine

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    That is what my pumps do now, run whether the system is up to temp. I'm adding storage which should address the problem for me. I have considered adding a snap switch or aquastat on the wood boiler that shuts power off to the pumps when it is cold. You would need to add a switch to disable the aquastat and provide power to pumps when you want the oil burner to run.

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