Birds in the stove!!

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Minister of Fire
Oct 10, 2022
Might be a sign, so far this year 2 birds have gone down the pipe and into the stove. I've had this stove a long time and suddenly I have birds1 Just a tip for anyone that has this happen. We used a clear plastic garbage bag around the front of the stove. Reached the handle and opened the doors and the bird flew in the bag so I could take it out and release it. I do have a cap on the insulated chimney, it's a band style.
Word is there is a lot of avian flue going around. ;lol Sign of spring. There are dozens of posts on the topic. Here's a recent one.
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I use metal cloth in the pipe thru the wall. Plus open up the chimney cleanout so they can fall thru also. Do not leave it in place when running stove. It will clog up. I just shut down my pellet stove yesterday (8" Chimney). Save about 6 birds a year (At Least). Some have even made it into the house.
I do the same thing, except use a Folgers coffee can lid. It's a perfect 6" and slides right into the horizontal pipe through the wall. Plus, I get the added benefit of having the bird clean my chimney, as he falls right through.
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We get Bluebirds down ours every spring. Usually one or two. I have a Jotul F500 so I go through the side door and grab the bird using a pillowcase. We put up 2 Bluebird houses so I am hoping they use them this year and not try to nest in the chimney.
I have my caps covered with some 1/2 " galvanized steel mesh. Usually have to replace it every 2-3 years but since I clean the chimney every year it is a routing maintenance item. Sure if I used stainless steel it would last longer.
Word is there is a lot of avian flue going around.
begreen is punstoppable!

We had a gray squirrel get into our stove, he must've been black when he got out, but never any birds.