Birthday Gift From My Susi

katwillny Posted By katwillny, Jan 23, 2013 at 8:02 PM

  1. katwillny

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    Its a few weeks late but with all going on during the holidays she decided to do more research. She always knew I liked taking pictures so she got me a Nikon that I have been wanting for some years. it started out with the D3100 and since the D3200 came out, I have been reading about it and apparently she was paying attention. Today I was in the back splitting and stacking and she calls me in and is holding the box. My wife is the best.

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  2. DexterDay

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    Yep.... Better keep her :)

    We have 2 Nikons, and I only expect the best pics from you ;)

    I still use my phone because the Wife is the SLR expert :( (so my pics still suck)

    Snap away my friend. You have beautiful machine there.
  3. katwillny

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    I plan to be out tomorrow taking pictures about town and of our mountain and creeks. yes she is a keeper, after 15 years and to kids Id say she is.
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  4. Boog

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    Oct 31, 2012
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    Happy Birthday, and nice camera Katwillny! I'm a big Nikon fan myself going back to the days of the all manual 35mm gems. All the photos I've been posting here are shot with a D7000. Give that gal a big birthday squeeze for me tonight!

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