Black Cherry


Minister of Fire
Nov 30, 2013
Lancaster Pennsylvania
It is an excellent firewood when mixed with something else like oak or locust. I find that a whole box full of cherry will leave a lot of ash.


Burning Hunk
Sep 1, 2010
Tug Hill State Forest, NY
I kinda thought so. I'm just not into long slow & low burns. I'm much more of a full heat, short bursts kind of guy.
Are we still talking about firewood?...

I have a lot of black cherry on my property -- I only cut ones that are dead or wind damaged. I usually keep it for the cabin, or sometimes sell a couple of cords. I have no issue burning it, and as others have said, it isn't the highest BTU or longest lasting hardwood. A majority of my harvested wood is oak, sugar maple, and beech, but the black cherry dries fast and looks pretty good to me when it's free!