Blower motor question - Heat n Glo ST-HVB-IPI

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David Stephen

New Member
Nov 21, 2020
Gainesville, VA
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. Thanks to everyone who makes this forum possible.

I'm a homeowner with the above model Heat n Glo fireplace/gas logs. This unit is OEM, installed in 2006 I believe (we're the third owners of this house). The unit operates just fine, except that we've noticed that when we go to shut the unit off, the blower motor seems to run for at least an hour after the flame is shut down. I've owned other gas log fireplaces, and I totally get that the unit will run to distribute whatever heat is left in the firebox, but an hour seems a bit too much. At some point it's just blowing much cooler (if not downright cold) air back into the room. What might be wrong? Is there a way to adjust how long this motor runs in order to cool down, or is it somehow controlled by a thermostat inside that might need replacement? I tried calling Heat n Glo, but they do not accept calls, instead referring you to a dealer. This doesn't sound like something I need to get an expensive service call for, but I'm open to differing opinions. Thanks for whatever help you can provide, and thanks again for this forum.