Boiler MACT - Commercial and Industrial Solid Fuel Boilers

peakbagger Posted By peakbagger, Mar 18, 2012 at 6:03 AM

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    So does anyone have a non residential wood or oil boiler that has to comply with boiler MACT?. Hopefully if you do, you have already filed the appropriate paperwork with your "designated authority". The initial tune up was due today (march 18th, 2012), but EPA issued a notice of no enforcement last week, saying they wont initiate enforcement until October (2012).

    I expect this law is going to be big surprise to owners of non residential boilers who previously were not required to follow federal clean air rules on an ongoing basis. I suspect the folks that are going to get hit by this are Garn owners as Garns appear to have in excess of the required boiler liquid volume and output but a lot of facilities that switched to wood pellets or chips are probably in the same boat.

    If you do have a solid or liquid fueled boiler, for a commercial or industrial use, it may be worth doing some review of the law as many states who normally enforce federal clean air laws have elected let the EPA enforce them.

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