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webbie Posted By webbie, May 16, 2006 at 10:26 PM

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    A book that I read in the late 70's was largely responsible for my interest in solar, wood and other alternative energy. I remember the cover name as being "The Energy Primer", but a search online shows the probably book as being:

    The information in this book is a relevant today as it was then. It has some great introductions to the entire energy cycle, for instance it charts the production of food and shows how many foods take 5 to 10X as much energy (in calories) to produce than what they provide!

    Highly recomended if you can find a used copy. I ordered one from Abes books but they cancelled the order because they did not have it in stock.

    Note - there is a newer book with the name Fueling the Future, which looks good, but is not the same:
    New Book Link Here

    As I remember, the original book was large format paperback and had a dark blue cover.

    I'll order one used through Amazon and see if it's the correct. one.
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