Brand New Hearth Extension...Annnnnnd it's Broken!

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Minister of Fire
May 26, 2020
Thanks for the kind words! I think it was time well spent. This looks 100x better than the flimsy broken one. I like the angles/sleek look and I can sleep better at night knowing I have up to code protection. My wife will tell you the other one was fine but I think that was largely to get me to not spend more money/time on it lol.

Interesting idea about adding trim. I could easily make something and tack it into the Micore. I think this time I'm going to show restraint though and just leave it as it is. It looks good and I have dozens of other projects that need attention. I think my last bit of OCD on this will be to touch up the corner with the sander and apply more paint when the season is over then we'll call it good. Nobody walks over it so the regular edge should be fine. The only reason to go over there is to tend the fire (which I do 98% of) or to put boots on it to dry out.

Here is the corner in question. It just needs a little love to be perfect. Only a true nitpicker would notice. Also the dog was over here apparently look at all that fur lol:

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