Breckwell Big E Loose Door

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Jan 31, 2014
Reedsburg, WI
Good morning!

I purchased a used Breckwell Big E and I need to do some maintenance on it. I noticed when I lock the door shut , the door will pivot clockwise about a 1/4". The upper door block is loose. Does that thread through the front wall or is there a nut that goes on the inside of the door block to secure it or how do I tighten it down? Does the door handle and cam need to be adjusted?

Thank you!
having a hard time following what your looking for. If your talking about the door handle and lock you can bend it so it is a little tighter but i found it was just better to order a complete handle setup. If your talking about the hinge side your gasket may be due to be changed.
Changing the door gasket is the next thing on my list. I can't get a tight seal on the door. It's the top hinge block on the hinge side that is loose. You can see it moving when trying to lock the door. The hinge block is threaded and there is a nut that is against the outside of the unit, then the eye that the door pin drops into. I am trying to figure out if the hinge block is supposed to have a nut on the inside of the unit or if the hinge block just screws through the front of the unit......

Regarding the handle, I have to really push hard to get the handle to stay shut. I am hoping I can adjust the angled plate on the inside that the cam closes against so there is less effort to latch the door.

Thank you!
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next time i have my stove open i will check the hinge side i can't remember if their is a nut on the inside.. From experience i would just replace the handle and latch its cheap when i tried to adjust mine it broke things were so brittle from the heat cycle.
Thanks zrock! I suppose it can't hurt to add a nut to the inside of the unit...... I am going to take the door off to replace the door seal and glass gasket and make sure the air wash is clean. I should be able to get a better idea of how the hinge block attaches then......