Breckwell & Whitfield controller repairs

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Mar 23, 2009
Ontario, CANADA
Hi it is David here,
I am still doing repair on Breckwell & Whitfield pellet stove control panels.
If you need your controller repaired please give me a shout.
Drop me a line at [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
I am located in Ontario Canada. Turnaround is usually about 1 week or so.
I also do other stove model as well.
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Dave Ontario is a big province where about are you located
This is good to know i have a spare i would like to get repaired. My spare board got messed up when the room blower went out, started surging on startup until startup mode was complete, Fan speeds seemed to have changed for each setting. One thing i did not even think of until i installed the new board every time i touched the stove i got a shock always thought it was just static in the air but when i installed the new board that disappeared.. This old breckwell cost me a lot of money this year