WiFi controlled Pellet Stove Controller for Whitfield & Breckwell

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Mar 23, 2009
Ontario, CANADA
My newly created WiFi controlled Pellet Stove controller is completely done.
Control the stove from your chair via WiFi app.
Program a time of day you want it to turn on and off.
Thermostat controlled if you want it.
Built in real-time clock or it can get time from WiFi.
Fully programmable through the keypad & OLED display.
Direct plug-in replacement of your old controller.
This model is for Whitfield Advantage II or WP2.


Contact me at [email protected]

More to follow

Link to my YouTube video:
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Reactions: EbS-P
That is really slick. Does this function as a drop in replacement, or does it need a little finesse to get it installed?

Does it play well with the safety systems built into the stove, or do you need to install upgrades to get this to read temperatures and such?

I'm fascinated by this- simply amazing.