brekwell big "e" vs uss american harvester heat output

powerstroke guy73 Posted By powerstroke guy73, Dec 28, 2012 at 1:26 PM

  1. powerstroke guy73

    powerstroke guy73
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    Dec 17, 2012
    i currentlly have american harvester. i have a 2300sqft home, the american harvester is rated at 1200sq ft. it does a good job at heating up a portion of my 2 story home, however with a newborn baby the up stairs is not getting warm enough (63). so one of my bright ideas is to get rid of my stove and get one that will heat more sqft. when they rate how much sq ft a stove can produce, is this a accurate number, or just letting the consumer pick one that may or may not heat up the suggested area???? any help would be nice.
  2. imacman

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    The Big E is made by Breckwell, and is NOT a very good choice. What other brands are available to you?
  3. kinsmanstoves

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    turn the stove up higher, yes you will burn more pellets but that is the only way.

  4. jtakeman

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    I don't think the bigE has any more power than the 6039 you presently have. Both units are around 45K BTU's roughly. The bigE might be rated for more sqft, But its over rated IMHO. I had one and it didn't do any better than my little quad rated at 48K BTU's.

    If you 6039 is running ball out and it isn't getting the area warm enough, I'd look at the large BTU units. Harman P61, P68, Drotlet eco65 or Enviro's Maxx/M. Look at somethin with over 60K BTU's should help! But even those will have issues getting heat upstairs. Playing games with fans to move the air will help.

    Best case is a pellet furnace if you can swing it. Pellet furnace connected to the duct work or sistered to the boiler will heat far more evenly than a stove in the living room can.

    Keep us posted~
  5. DexterDay

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    I would defiantly look at the used market (CL). Lots of good deals in our area.

    This is an insert. But it's a Quad Classic Bay for $800!!!

    There is also a Englander 10-CDV (The Sister to the 10-CPM, The difference is no igniter) for $750

    If you wanna see a Quad in action, hit me up. Nothing burns like a Quad!! ;)

    What's your budget? I know of a Pellet furnace for about $2,000?

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