Broken thermostat?

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New Member
Sep 19, 2023
Golden BC Canada
Hey guys,

I stared up the BK for the first time this season. Usually burn seasoned fir, but had some maple kicking around and wanted to burn a hot fire for the first fire of the year (canadian winter starting soon).

The fire was quite hot and I had the thermostat low (dancing flames at first then barely glowing coal) like I normally do.

I heard a pop, and all of a sudden the fire went raging. I closed the thermostat to full close, and theres no difference. Seems to be stuck on full now. ..

Any advice?



Minister of Fire
Dec 28, 2006
Mt. Rainier Foothills, WA
First thing I would do immediately is pop off the thermostat cover so you can see what you're dealing with. The thing is supposed to fail closed unless the entire butterfly fell off the shaft. The whole mechanism can be inspected when you open the cover.

Bigleaf maple is actually higher btu per cubic foot than doug fir. So should be hotter. Then again, it makes more ash so maybe the additional heat is more controllable. I just cut up a log truck of it instead of my usual doug fir.
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