Building safety and Efficiency

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Aug 28, 2022
Nova Scotia, Canada
Hi all. Just wanted to show my progress with my wood. Stuff stacked the shed (about 2-3 cords) all dry, tested and ready to burn. It burns great! Stuff under the overhang is fully dry but will remain outside this winter. I'm picking away at it now to (sone good oak in there too) and all my new stuff, 3 cords so far all beautiful MOBA (No not Massive Online Battle Arena but Maple Oak Birch and Ash!) getting stacked in two rows outside on pallets for the next year. It even looks nice. I have a prime spot here - lots of sun and wind the comes down off the back mountain or in the opposite direction. The top will be fully covered eventually but the sides left open. I still have half of the third cord to stack. I'll put that on yhe other right side and a fourth cord will most likely go on the backside of my overhang. Excited to be in the cycle of drying wood. Best to start now than in the spring I thought. Pics:

Building safety and Efficiency Building safety and Efficiency Building safety and Efficiency Building safety and Efficiency
Good Lord! I thought I had a big firewood pile.
Lol,.collective drooling here. But this is the way to go, bam, getting ahead right from the start.