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elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, May 1, 2006 at 11:56 AM

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  1. elkimmeg

    Guest 2.

    I finally finished up my front deck and railings, Picked up the VC cat Encore stove.
    Filled my pk truck twice with log length wood, about 1.5 cords plenty more left to remove.
    And repaired the brick planters that fall apart from frost . Had to do them, the wife request,
    after playing most of Saturday with the new wood stove. I never got to the brake job, oil change,
    and tune up. However last night. I did cut up the about half the logs to log length. This will be a good excersise
    with the 16 ton electric splitter, 16" white oak rounds to split up.. The most recent logs were white oak.
    I think it has been mentioned, white oak is a bit more knarly than red oak. Much harder to split.
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