Buying or selling tree tops.

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Around here they are given away to get the mess cleaned up and at that they usually don't get completely cleaned up before they rot.
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Most of the few loggers in the woods are leaving the tops in the woods as the market for biomass has pretty well collapsed in this area.
Usually just given away as you can take what you cut. But as said earlier most just ends up rotting. I have gotten a lot of firewood this way but we almost always had a tractor to help pull the tops out since it usually is just a tangled mess.
They chip them in northern Maine. Rather sure they end up as wood pellets or fuel for the mills.
We never sold tops from our harvests on the farm--and for good reason. It's excellent hardwood well worth getting for wood burners, but there's a lot of effort to get it because the mills only want straight logs that are found in more mature stands. To get to a lot of that wood you often need some sort of tractor/skidder/UTV or some kind of winch & snatch block to get it to your truck. In western PA that also means dealing with a lot of hills.

Landowners I know give it away free, but that is IF they allow anyone on the property to get it (there are liability issues for the landowner). I've also heard of landowners cutting a deal to have the firewood cutter drop off a pickup load of rounds or split wood for, say, every 4-5 loads taken.