Q&A Calculating the size of a chimney

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Nov 27, 2012

Is there a standard formula for conductance one may use when calculating the appropriate height for a chimney? I have an older stove (Alpiner) which is rather large, measuring approx. 36"x24"x 18" (approx. 9 cu.ft vol) and I need to make two 90 degree bends to get it to my 6" Class A chimney, which will be somewhere on the order of 18' from thimble to top.


More important is the size of the door opening and the baffles arrangement inside. If the stove has a 6" flue off the rear, then the 6" is fine. As far as the exact draft, this is more of an art than science. The taller the better, and the fewer elbows, the better. No way to determine performance until it's installed and working.

Some chimney size guidelines are at:

Link: Chimney Sizing Guidelines
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