Q&A Can 8: Flue be reduced to 6" on Colebrookdale Darby stove

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    I have a Colebrookdale stove

    The model is a Darby with a model # 98392
    This is a wood and coal burning stove.
    The flue outlet is 8" diameter
    I would prefer to only use wood and not coal
    Can a 6" flue be used for burning wood?
    Similar sized wood stove recommend a 6" flue


    No, that stove needs an 8" flue due mostly to the large door opening size. It will almost surely smoke out the doors when loading if you use a 6" flue.

    As far as flue size for different fuels, it's the opposite of what you assume. Coal generally needs a smaller flue, since it does not smoke and it sends less heat up the flue. A smaller flue stays warmer and therefore is more likely to maintain a draft since coal puts less heat up the stack than wood.

    Although the 6" flue can handle the BTU's of the stove, it cannot sweep such a large flue opening clear of smoke.
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