Can anyone identify this wood and where jt grows

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Feb 17, 2022
Eastern NC.
Hoping someone may know what wood this is and where it grows. I love wood cutting, splitting and building. I have a detached structure I built 30 years ago on a tight budget with no bathroom. While adding a full bath this year I needed cheap molding. Saw an ad selling good used 1" x 4" boards 6' long for $1.00 each. The boards were salvaged from wood pallets. While picking through I found one beautiful board and ask what it was and where did it come from. The gentleman said he had no clue but he had 4 of them. The grain looks a bit like sweetgum but much darker richer colors. Also very hard wood but very porous. It matches my sink salvaged from an old house.
Can anyone identify this wood and where jt  grows
It could be sweet gum.
I do believe it could be in the gum tree family but I have lots of sweet gum on our land and never seen anything like this. I put white paper behind this 1/2" thick piece so you can see how porous the grain is. At first site I thought the wood was rotting or bug damage. Also this first picture is the only sweet gum I'm familiar with. It's good fire wood but the only way I've split it is by cutting notches on the end a couple inches deep with my chainsaw then driving wedges in. For 18" long and 12" diameter it takes at the least 2 wedges.

4023-297edd86a41888258d7938ed22049ea7.jpg 20220218_171324.jpg 20220218_171413.jpg 20220218_171530.jpg 20220218_171559.jpg
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I built the front door to a log cabin from sweet gum. I think you have half way rotten sweet gum.
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