Anyone know this wood?

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Feb 28, 2020
Salvaged a tree from a friends land. Wind break, but trunk completely rotted and hollow out below the break about 4ft from the ground. Still connected and off the ground for about 14ft. Down less than one year1 yr. The cross cut has creamy sap wood and a darked moon flower shaped (large lobed) heart wood. One of the best leaves I could find was brittle and curled up. Best I could open it up (without crumbling) it seemed to have white oak properties. 4-ish inches long and 3-ish inches wide with multiple rounded lobes.
Grain is straight and not very stringy at all. The splits all have multiple ... well see for yourself. The pics were this morning after a little rain blew in. The darker piece was near the edge of the covering and the lighter ones were better shielded. (split last night).
What is this?

Anyone know this wood?Anyone know this wood?Anyone know this wood?
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😥 I am sad to say that you are probably right. Probably 1/4 of a cord's worth. Now to decide if I want to keep it separate or mix it in.
The leaf doesn't sound like tulip poplar. It and the wood remind me of Sassafras. The wood of it would have a spicy smell. Likely millions of these have died and will die due to an invasive fungus from Asia spread by a bark beetle.
The sassafras here is more even in color, not as varied over the width of the trunk.