Wood fired pizza anyone?

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Feb 23, 2022
Champion, PA
SO I thought I would mention on here, that Sams club in the USA has a GREAT deal on a Duro wood fired pizza oven.
It's $199 to your door via freight.
I purchased this when it was 299 and thought it was a deal. They refunded me 100 after having owned this for 3 months.

This is a great oven for someone new to the craft willing to have some patience, however I wouldnt recommend it for someone that wishes to take their craft to the next level or someone that wishes to pump out consistent pizzas for a large party or catering event.

Here is my experience so far. It comes in a big heavy box. You will need to remove the stones, flip it on it's back to attach the legs. Then have someone help you pick up the oven without putting pressure on the legs. This was one con to me. They should have made the bottom part a free standing cart. If you look at the reviews so far, others have stated the same.

The oven itself is stainless on the inside, with a stainless chimney flue. Outside is a seemingly fairly durable painted black finish.

There appears to be about 2-3" of insulation between the outside shell and the inside stainless liner.

For how large the oven is, there is only space for 1, 12" pizza. The ash grate is in the middle taking up a good bit of room, so you will push your fire to one side and cook on the other. Even then, the pizza will be darn near close to the entrance, and that's where the stone will not be as high of a temp. I really wish they would have picked ONE side for the ashpan and one side for cooking, it would have made this SO much better. So because of this design flaw IMO, it's a bit harder to get the stove up to temp for cooking Neapolitan pizzas which requires 700+ degree temps. Use a laser thermometer, dont trust the stove temp thermometer. Smaller splits work the best to get a nice flame and heat going. Use only DRY DRY wood. I use 2-3" splits one/two at a time one top of a nice ash base.

Not so pro tip - I find it ALOT easier to get the stove to temp and the stones themselves if I keep the door on there somewhat. Here's the thing though, the instructions IN BOLD tell you NOT to do this. This is because the door will expand more than the stove opening and you will have a hell of a time trying to pry that door back open. Also, for some reason they put this little viewing port or whatever it is, about the size of 1.5", that is covered with a metal hatch that is attached to a PLASTIC handle. I removed this handle, and I drill and placed a small resting lip on the fire side of my door, and I place half the door inside it's opening the keep the other side open a few inches. This greatly helps keep the stove at temps.

Ive made some really good pies in this. The pizza dough I use is from this guy He's the pizza god, and I would never make dough for pizza any other way for Neapolitan pizza.

Do yourself a favor, and learn how to put wet dough on a pizza peel while retaining to be able to have it slide. If you dont nail this, dont try to toss into an oven you will have a god aweful smoky mess.
Also do get a pizza peel that is for 12" pizzas AND a turning peel.
*This pizza oven if properly at temp will make pizzas in 1-2 minutes!* if you do not turn frequently you WILL burn the heck out of one side.

My pizzas come out looking exactly like the video I posted above. I do try to get the front entrance area where my pizza will be at a minimum of just over 700 degrees because it will drop once you put a pie down.
Warning, I do not trust the ash pan, and I have had embers fly out with sideways winds. I wouldnt put this near anything that can catch ablaze, and certainly never on a wood or composite deck.
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