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QandA Posted By QandA, Apr 11, 2003 at 2:20 PM

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    I have very small Schrader Fireplace Stove to heat two rooms. I must have the doors slightly open (air inlets not enough) to keep a fire burning. The chimney reverses itself frequently also. The chimney is probably 15' and rises maybe a foot above the roof peak. I cannot get a continuous 'hot' fire in this stove no matter how hard I try. The firebox is so small it is difficult to put much wood in it. I tend to think the chimney is the main problem as I also live at 7800' elevation and I think elevation will contribute to chimney draft problems. I have a very large Woodsman Stove that heats the main part of the house and I have no problems with it. I would like to replace this small stove, but hesitate to do so if the problem is truly the chimney. Wood is primary source of heat, this area includes my office so I am anxious to solve this problem before it gets much colder. Any ideas/help is appreciated


    It seems you may be correct to suspect the chimney. The older stove that you have has a nearly straight up smoke path which provides little resistance to draft. This should make it easy to establish and continue a hot fire in the stove.Read some of the chimney articles in the HearthNet info section and QA. Follow the advice about removing bends (if any) , cementing joints and raising the height. 15" is marginal, especially at your elevation and with nearby roofs.
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