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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 29, 2007 at 5:20 AM

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    The carbon Monoxide on the second floor will go off most times when its windy outside and when I use my 7 year old Consolidated Dutchwest Federal Convection Heater stove, model # FA264 (2183) that's inserted into a fireplace. I had a professional woodstove/fireplace person come over to determine the cause of the carbon monoxide problem. He recommended to install a 6" stainless steel liner into the 12" flue. He stated this will improve the draft since it's on an outside wall. Well the 6" liner and insulation was installed into the 12" flue and the carbon monoxide went off again on a windy (20 - 40 mph) day. Prior to going off smoke would escape out from the doors of the stove. All gaskets were replaced. Help!!


    It is unusual for a CO detector to go off with a woodstove...because there would be a LOT of smoke first. This is unlike coal, where the CO is "pure" and not usually mixed with smoke and other compounds.

    Assuming we removed other possibilities like a gas furnace that is back drafting, the best solution would be a vacu-stak cap that will install on the top of your 6" chimney. This will usually eliminate wind related downdrafts.

    Link: Vacustack Chimney Caps
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