Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Wood Rat

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Jan 24, 2024
North Shore Minnesota
This topic has been discussed before, but I'm going to ask about the Carbon Monoxide detectors the members are using. To me safety especially while you sleep is no joke.
As my tiny cabin is a smaller space and being new construction with spray foam insulation I feel it's critical to have not only a decent temperature probe and fire extinguisher but also a good quality CO detector. What kind are you using and what's been your user experience with it? I know some are dual purpose with smoke detection as well.
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I have one Kidde with display for concentration (in a timeframe etc) at the stairs from the basement up to the main floor (having a fan blow air from the living room into the basement means warm air from the basement up the stairs, so any CO thst would reach us would have to get past that one). I see the number on there every time I go to the stove, the laundry area, or the garage/shop.

Then I have ones without the read out. One about 6 ft in front of the stove hanging on a beam.
Then one on every (two more) floor on the ceiling in the corridors in front of the bedrooms .
Each is paired with a smoke detector.

I also have them in my oil boiler room (I don't like those draft reduction flaps in the flue of boilers... They are a risk imo. Needed for operation, but a big leak in the flow path of CO and exhaust.), and in the garage.
I have 4 carbon monoxide detectors. All Kidde. One with the display that shows the level (that’s downstairs), and 3 upstairs. The 3 upstairs (1 per bedroom) are wired together so that if one goes off they all do. They are combination CO/smoke detector.

The ones in the bedrooms are what are required per code in my area. To get a certificate of occupancy

I also have two smoke detectors downstairs. So total in the house is 5 smoke detectors and 4 CO detectors.

My house is newer construction and pretty tight also.
I have the kiddie display ones as well. I had a really good low co detector in utah from Pro Tech, but the 10 years expired and it self terminated. The company i think either went out of business or changed the detector. I couldn't find the same one again.
I'm running first alert combination smoke/CO alarms in our house. 3 total. I'll probably install a second (4 total) in the basement once I finish it.

They are all interconnected (by code here in Canada) and all go off together. I have the SC9120BA model, that has a 9v battery in case the power goes out.
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we didn't buy another CO detector
Nest Protect which does smoke and CO

and a X-Sense CO03D which was in the kitchen but is now 2 meters from the wood stove

understanding slumbering a wood stove (I think you guys call it an "overnight") has given us a much better preventative protocol for CO from low air smoulders