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    I recently purchased a resale home with a gas log. I have no experience with gas logs. This log has a carbon monoxide sensor which beeps at me. The instructions on the cover indicate that I need a new sensor module. The company name on the exterior of the module is Costar. It is a Carbon Monoxide Safety Shutoff. The back says to "Contact your vendor for a new Battery Sensor Module Part Number 945-0002-02 or 945-0003-02 (w/ Velcro)". I do not know who the vendor was nor can I find out. I went to the only two gas log stores in Virginia Beach and no one could help me. I tried a hardware store who had more gas logs than the specialty stores and they could not help me. Said this type of safety shutoff was manufactured for only a couple years and did not know where I could get one. My gas log will not work without this unit. I cannot bypass it. It is now getting cold and I would like to use my fireplace. Can you please help me locate the manufacturer, the part, or something to make my fireplace work?


    The only logs of this type that I am familiar with were made by Timberline and Vermont Castings. There were a lot of problems with these units, so the CO detector was removed. Perhaps your contractor could do the same. If not, you can attempt to find a Vermont Castings dealer or look at their web page at http://www.majesticproducts.com

    Link: Majestic Products Web Site

    Link: Vermont Castings Web Site
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