CB 1200i - Glass gasket question. Only on three sides?

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Jun 24, 2022
Hello there. I purchased a used CB 1200i pellet stove this year, and am refurbishing it a bit before I set it into its final home. After getting the body painted this week, I went to clean the door glass thoroughly. However I noticed that the glass was not only dirty on the inside as expected, but there outside of the glass near the top had a thich coating of ash as well. Then I looked into it further and there is no gasket sealing the glass to the door along the top - Only the other 3 sides. It's essentially one big air gap. My question is, is this normal? The manual does refer to an airwash, and lists instructions on how to change the glass, but never mention a glass gasket anywhere at all. Here are some pics but it's kinda hard to see.

CB 1200i - Glass gasket question.  Only on three sides?CB 1200i - Glass gasket question.  Only on three sides?CB 1200i - Glass gasket question.  Only on three sides?
Yes normal but should have been small metal wafer/washer on on each side on top.

The glass gaskets goes around three sides of the glass.....the tops of the glass do not get gasket material as that is the "airwash system" portion of the door. When you took it apart, underneath the two metal retaining bars there should have been two small metal pieces that sort of look like tiny bat wings. Sometimes they get silicone on them and easy to miss and accidentally throw out....anyway, those spacers go underneath the two metal retainers (one under each retainer at the top). The shape of the spacer conforms to the door.

Make sure you use the correct size gasket, with self adhesive, around the glass....if it's too thick it will be extremely difficult to get the glass back together with all the retainers and brackets.

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Thanks for all the advice. I have not taken it apart as of yet, and may not this season. I will see how it burns, the door gasket looks very new and creates a positive seal, so I will leave well enough alone and see how she burns.

Thanks again!