Ceramic log repair

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Jan 4, 2011
Sterling, MA
Picked up a new [used] gas stove yesterday, but made the mistake of not removing the ceramic logs before loading it into the truck. When I got home 86 miles later, I discovered they had become dislodged and knocked around a bit. They didn't break, but a couple of them have chipped, leaving less-than-realistic looking white spots.

My question: What, if anything, can I use to touch up these white spots on the logs? I was thinking of maybe just good old brown/black/gray magic marker.


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Like Dave said, Hi-temp stove paint works best, & I've used it in the past. Make sure it's COMPLETELY dry before you light the stove, tho.
I HAVE had it ignite if the repaired spot was directly in contact with the flames... If any logs have broken into larger pieces, I've managed to reattach/repair them with longer drywall screws. You have to use a manual screwdriver, tho, NOT a powered driver.
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