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Robbie Posted By Robbie, Aug 1, 2006 at 3:07 AM

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  1. Robbie

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    Jul 5, 2006
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    I had a few extra minutes today and thought I would check my local pawn shops for a steal on a Stihl.............

    I really did not need one, and was not planning on buying one, I just wanted to see how prices etc. compared to dealers. The first shop I found 2 identical Stihl ms170 saws, a little suspicious at first because of two, I thought they both might have been bought as trimmers and possibly worn out and sold.

    But the cases appeared almost perfect, and both had all the required numbers, so I thought they were both legit saws.

    One was priced $179.95, and the other $219.95, both were identical, except one was a little more used looking, the other appeared almost new. I inspected the air cleaners on both, one was dirty, the cheaper one looked perfect....Hmmmmm.

    After a closer inspection, I noticed the $219.95 one had a cracked casing where the brake bar was mounted to the left side frame, pretty easy to miss. I pushed the brake and it pulled away from the frame........not good.

    I asked the manager why they were priced different and he said they probably had more in one than the other.

    I ask if he would take any less on the $179.95 one and he said no..... because they always marked them low enough from the start so they always sold very quickly.

    I had no numbers to go by at this time so I thanked him and proceeded to my local stihl dealer.

    I walked up to the counter loaded with shiny new Stihls and located the "new" model ms 170.......and almost fell over when I saw the "new" sticker price.

    $169.95 for a brand new Stihl ms 170 with an obvious warranty and numerous other enticing tidbits I'm sure. This means that had I not thought to check, I would probably be stuck with a used ms 170 for at least $10 dollars more not counting tax, and I'm pretty sure they would not give a refund if I had wanted to return it for any reason (maybe store credit).

    I went to another pawn shop, found another new looking trimmer, STIHL MS 192 T, looked too had the entire brake missing off the front ! I knew something looked odd, and after examination I realized it looked as if someone had maybe dropped it out of a tree, especially since it was a top held small trimmer.

    It was priced $99 dollars, I was tempted, and figured a brake could not cost that much.........I came home and looked it up and here is what I found,

    I'm not sure if above recall included the saw I looked at because I did not check the numbers, but after seeing this, it was plenty close enough for me..........

    So it was a good day to just look and not buy...........Be careful, examine closely, and I think a warranty does mean a lot, along with a good company and local backing like many people we have on these forums.

    By the way, I like pawn shops, sometimes I find great deals, I think you just have to inspect closely before you buy.

  2. wg_bent

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    Nov 19, 2005
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    Good advice. Sure makes you think twice before buying something like that on ebay huh?
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