changing Marco fireplace to stove or insert, Ideas?

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Sep 10, 2023
Brevard nc
Hi All
I have a Marco Traditional fireplace in a home I just moved into. My last home had a wood stove and I really felt like we were getting efficient heat from it as it was a newer stove and I researched it before buying and installing it. Now I have this Marco fireplace and I do not expect it to be very efficient so I want to install an insert or woodstove that we can use for power outages and really cold days.
The plate in the insert says do not install an insert so I may end up removing the fireplace and starting from scratch. I think it has a 6" pipe installed. The house is around 2500sq/ft and built in 2000 in the southern Appalachians. Thanks for any recommendations. Should I send pics or other info?
Replacing it from scratch or installing a stove in another location are two options. The Marco chimney is probably in the 8 or 10" range. It will not be reusable for the wood stove.
There is a fair amount of planning required if the goal is to locate the freestanding stove where the fireplace is. Not every stove will fit due to clearance and ceiling height requirements. Take time to plan well. There are several threads on this topic. Search on alcove install or replace ZC fireplace.
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Thanks, I have learned a lot in the last few hours. Seems like the insert and ZC are not viable options or at least not easy due to the "do not install insert" language on the original box and the original framing. One possible option I am entertaining is setting something like a Drolet Capetown wood stove on the hearth and running the pipe out the back and into the existing pipe or something like that. I need more details on the unit and clearances ect.
With planning and attention to clearances that might be possible. The hearth probably will need an extension.