Cherry Tree Issue


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May 26, 2020
Hi Folks,

I just noticed that one of the young cherry trees at our new place is having some issues. Ive attached some pictures. Any thoughts on what it is? Canker?

I'd appreciate any suggestions on treatment. The tree is a Higan Cherry, about 10-12 feet tall right now. Im hoping its not a lost cause as its a beautiful tree.

Its been very wet the past week here and this is the first im noticing it. Also the rest of the tree appears healthy.






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Feb 27, 2014
Marshall NC
On the trunk, it is similar to the marks a buck makes when he rubs his horns.


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Sep 22, 2010
Classic signs of mulch suffocation. Tree roots need to breathe. Mulch touching trunk and over root flare causes suffocation, fungal diseases, and rot

Also, many trees don't like to swim. Even moderate mulch combined with a poor drainage area can cause what you see. Air can't circulate to roots.

Personally, I'd rip it out and start over with no mulch. Look at how trees grow naturally. If they have leaves covering the root spread, it's not as dense and water retaining as commercial mulch. Even natural leaf cover in a forest is loose, approximately 50% air.
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Feb 14, 2015
Palmyra, WI
I would side with it being bacterial canker. Cutting the infected parts and disposing would be a start. Trouble is it's all over on the main trunk and larger branch. Not good. The tree could last quite a while, but get progressively more disfigured. Enjoy what you can, until you've had enough, then pull the plug.