chestnut oak

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New Member
Mar 1, 2009
I was wondering if anyone ever burns chestnut oak? I always look for it when cutting firewood. It burns very hot in my opinion, right up there with hickory.
Am I the only one who thinks highly of Chestnut oak? I have never read anything in the discussion forums about it or seen any BTU ratings on it either.
If anyone else burns it, what's their opinion on it?


Minister of Fire
Nov 2, 2008
Middle TN
It's damned fine wood! I'm helping my dad haul some tops out of an area where some select cut harvesting was done a year or so ago. Last Saturday we hauled out some beautiful white, red, and chestnut oak. He's hauled out 25 pickup loads that would have otherwise laid there and rot! Shame to think of all those wasted BTUs. ;-)


New Member
Nov 11, 2008
Baltimore, MD
Chestnut Oak is great stuff. We have a bunch of it on my property and my neighbor's property. It grows everywhere around Baltimore.


Retired Member
Dec 5, 2006
Adams County, PA
I just bucked and split 5 cord of chestnut oak. Well, there was a stick or two of red oak, and one locust, but the rest out of the log load I got was all chestnut oak.


New Member
Nov 28, 2008
North/West New Jersey
I've burned lots of it over the last several years, it's very prevalent here. I have quite a bit on my property but it is being ravaged by oak borers. It's very much the same as Red Oak in BTU's and other physical characteristics. It's often sold as Red Oak on the lumber markets. Good heating wood but like all oaks needs extra time for drying. I usually find it beneficial to strip the bark off it while splitting.
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