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    Please advise if you are aware if the new chimney sweep logs out are safe for use with slow burning wood stoves. The regular artificial wood logs are not. We do not wish to try the sweep logs (distributed by Tradway Sales & Marketing in Ontario) until we get confirmation that they are safe. Would be very grateful if you can provide an answer. Thank you in advance ...


    It is my understanding that these logs claim to keep your chimney clean when you burn one every once in a while. While it is possible that the logs contain compounds which HELP loosen up the existing creosote in the chimney, they should NEVER be used as a replacement for real (mechanical) chimney sweeping.

    The products should state on the wrapper or in the literature whether they can be used. Virtually all regular store bought fireplace logs CANNOT be used in wood stoves.

    An exception are logs like Presto-Logs: http://www.lignetics.com/prestologs.html

    These have no additives and can burn in any stove that uses wood fuel.

    Link: Presto Logs Site
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