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    A year ago I had a company install a free standing woodstove (Vermont castings). It is placed in a fireplace. they removed the damper and put two elbows of solid pipe through the damper area to accommodate the bend. they then attached flexible stainless steel up the chimney. I'm not sure how they attached the flexible pipe at the top as it is hidden by a flashing. the flexible coil extends just to the height of the chimney cover flashing and the chimney cap is jammed into the stainless steel. I have tried to remove the cap, however it is so tight it will not come out. It seems to me that there should be a more permanent solid piece of pipe that goes into the flex pipe which the cap would then go onto. The installer insists this is the correct way to install and will do nothing. In addition when I received the price quote from the installer i asked to have it include a pan where the damper used to be so the chimney flue wasn't wide open to the room. It is a large flue. When they did the installation they didn't install the pan and the guy insists that is not necessary and would only cause problems. I would appreciate any advice you can provide


    1. If the installer did the job correctly, the cap would be easy to remove. It must be removed to clean or inspect the chimney.
    2. We always put a pan both at the bottom and top. It's a harder installation, but I think it's a better one.
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