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    I have a Majestic sh48 factory built fireplace . The installation is to code. After experiencing a smoke filled house last winter I started to inquire as to a solution. A local chimney sweep suggested buying a EXHAUSTO fan which costs $1300 plus electrical work. Another suggestion was to raise the chimney 4-8 feet and install aercowl cap for approx $700. The Field Controls CO has a chimney top draft inducer for approx $575 w/o installation You mentioned a Vacu cap in some of your solutions. How many types of caps are there and how does one determine which is the most reliable one for the price ? Is simply raising the stack the most economical solution? I would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Regards John


    There are a lot of factors to consider such as:
    1. How tall is the chimney height...it can be installed to code, and yet still on the low end as far as draft.
    2.Is the house too tight and unable to provide combustion air? Is the outside air intake on the stove hooked up? Raising the chimney and/or installing a draft increasing cap are not "sure fire" answers...the electrical draft inducing chimney caps usually do the trick.

    The exhausto is very high quality and will last forever, but is expensive. The Field will probably do the job. Be sure to check with the manufacturer of the fireplace and the cap to assure that it's OK with them to use it on this model


    Link: Majestic Products
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