Circuit breaker won’t reset on Heatmor CSS200

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New Member
Nov 12, 2023
Circuit breaker gradually began to trip a week ago, getting shorter intervals to reset until it won’t reset at all. Circuit breaker is good, indoor power switch is good. Disconnected power to other stove circuits at the stove junction box, circuit breaker does not trip. This leads me to believe tripping issue is at the stove.
Disconnected power to front light and fan switch, still tripped. Disconnected power to outlet box in back, still tripped. Disconnected pier to low limit aquastat, still tripped. Disconnected power to high limit aquastat, did not trip! Bought new HL aquastat, hooked wires up, tripped again ($160, ouch!). Disconnected wiring in junction box in back, ran separate wires from power to HL aquastat, still tripped. I’m out of ideas at this point. Could be bad new Resideo L6006