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rutnstrut Posted By rutnstrut, Nov 6, 2012 at 7:43 AM

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    I have a metal pole barn that i would like to install a woodstove in. I have placed the stove where i want it and have run the black single wall pipe up to the location i will exit the pipe through the metal wall. I installed a Clay Thimble that is surrounded by brick. This installation was done between the 4x4 posts. Can i run the same single wall pipe through the Clay Thimble and to the outside?. If so should i place fire proof insulation around the single wall pipe inside the Clay Thimble to reduce the heat transfer to the clay thimble and brick. If not, the inside diameter of the clay thimble is approx 7 3/4 inches. Will a double or triple wall pipe fit inside this clay thimble and if so would a double wall pipe be suitable to run as a outside chimney. I really do not want to remove the work that i have already done, my goal is to make it safe. The stove will not be used all the time and only will be used on occasion

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    This method is used when connecting to a masonry chimney outside, not a metal chimney. The outdoor chimney could be brick or masonry block with a clay tile liner. That doesn't sound like the intent here. If the goal is to connect to a class A metal chimney outside, then that pipe manufacturer's metal thimble is used to pass through a wall.
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    Whether the stove is used once, or 10,000 times, the requirements are the same.

    As of right now, I'm clueless as to why you even decided to use clay and brick thimble if you are also planning to use class A chimney? If your intentions are to use a Class A chimney, then you simply could have used the Class A thimble.

    If your intent is actually to use a masonry chimney, it does not look as though the thimble that you built has 12 solid inches of masonry in every direction from that clay crock to combustibles, which means it won't be safe. Even if you are able to shove a piece of double wall pipe through that crock, I'm not sure how you'd then hook it to an appropriate chimney.

    What kind of stove are you hoping to hook up here?

    Right now, I'd say your safest and simplest solution is to tear out the clay and brick thimble, and just put the Class A thimble of your choice (to match the chimney you use) in its place. Sorry :(


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