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    I've had a great time reading all the questions and answers and found the answers to "almost" all our questions. We are relocating our Forester model 442 wood burning stove to another part of the house and want to replace the 8" single wall pipe w/ double wall to reduce the clearance to combustible's. The particulars on the back say that the clearance for the single wall pipe is 19" and for the back and sides are 36", if we use the double-wall pipe can we get w/in 9" from the back of the stove to the wall or do we have to stay 18".? The pipe is in the center of the stove and about 2" from the back edge(not counting the heat shield). We do not have any side walls just a back wall. The potential problem we are facing is that the damper is located in the middle section of pipe, this is operated by turning a small metal handle. Is this animal still made or are we going to have to look for an alternate method of damping? Also where would we get the heat shield mentioned several times in the Q & A for the "pipe"? I believe our stove already has a heat shield installed on the back, as it has a heavy gauge metal attachment that has an air space of 2.5 inches as well as one on the underneath, however we would still like to put wall protection as well as the shield for protection to combustible's, wood trim and wood wall, as an added measure of safety. Could you direct us to the dealer nearest us where we can buy the pipe and pipe shield.


    Using double wall interior pipe will not reduce the clearance from the STOVE to the wall, unless it was only the single wall pipe that was keeping it far out in the first place. In other words, if a stove had a 36" clearance, and the double pipe had a 9" clearance, you'd still have to keep the stove out 36".

    On the other side of the coin, if a stove could be 6" from the wall, but it used single pipe coming out of the top (rear) which had to be 18" , then the stove must also go to the 18" (measured to the pipe). However, the same stove with double pipe off the top could be moved in to 9", since the pipe allows this clearance. In this case, we cannot really get to the 6" no matter what.

    Most stove manuals have explanations of many different scenarios.

    You can find a dealer by going to:


    Link: HearthNet Shops
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