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    Hello, We have a coal stoker stove burning rice coal attached to a masonry chimney with an 8 in. square flue. The stove is 2 years old and was purchased new ("Keystoker" is the manufacturer). It is rated at 90,000 BTU and we go through around 2 tons per year. Do you know what the recommended interval is for cleaning out the flue?


    I do know of the company, but am not familiar with the insides of that model. Coal stokers burn extremely clean, and the only by-product which goes up the flue is usually a small amount of fly ash. This coats the surfaces inside the chimney and can often fall off after awhile, building up a small pile at the base of the chimney or elbows in the stovepipe. These areas should be checked yearly.

    So, in summary, I would be more concerned about the base of the chimney and the heat exchangers or cleanouts inside the stove itself. The inside of the chimney is probably very clean.<p>
    You can check with the Keystoker people at the web link below.

    Link: Keystoker Web Site
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