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    Dec 6, 2007
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    still deciding on the best furnace for me , ( any recommendations ) , but heres my question , in my basement the current oil furnace is centrally located , and there is also a fireplace about 20 - 25 ft. away in another room ( at the back of the house ). i was wondering if i could somehow utilize the fireplace chimney for my wood furnace and still use the existing duct work efficiently??? i had one guy out and he wanted to hook up to the ducts right above the wood furnace and basically blow the heat backwards from which the duct system was meant to flow , sounded good , until i had another guy out and he pointed out that not only wouldn't it flow right because of the diection but also that the size of the duct where the furnace would be attached was not big enough to handle the amount of heat and cfm's that the furnace would throw ?? the second guy suggested running a duct from the wood furnace heat source directly into the cold air return of my oil furnace and using the oil furnace blower to aid in the hot air distribution ?? the wood furnace would blow the heat , the oil furnace would suck the heat ?? but then there is no cold air return of any kind b/c hot air would be coming out of the cold air vents on the main living area ?? please any help greatly appreciated , i'm trying to do as much research as possible to make the best decision on furnace brand and install ???? its getting cold and all we have is a pellet stove to take the chill off , and the other night when my 6 month pregnant wife could see her breath while making dinner she gave me a very "interesting look", one i don't want to see again !!!!! lol thanks joe ( if pics. would help or any more info needed please let me know )
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