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    Do you also have any quantitative figures on the costs of various fuel- i.e.- pellets vs. l.p. gas.- vs. electricity?


    .There is also a link below to a calculator that allows you to determine fuel costs based on actual prices in your area.

    Comparison on Fuel Prices is tough- cause of the different efficiencies and cost of fuel- etc. For instance- a heat pump (in warmer weather) is actually twice as efficient as the electric it uses--in colder weather- it uses 100% electric to do the job. Pellets vary in price- but at $150/ton (good local price)...figure that a ton of pellets will replace about 3/4 cord of wood- making pellets the equiv of $200/cord firewood--quite expensive ! LP can vary--but if you pay .90 per gallon for it- that's about 80-000 BTU of heating power delivered to the home...it would take 25KWH of electric (about 3.00 at current prices) to equal this heating power....so the LP is a much better value... Now if you're using the heat pump in warmer weather- you get double efficiency- making the electric cost only $1.50 instead of $3.00.. So- there are a lot of variables....but the LP is definitely a good deal.

    Link: Compare the costs of fuels
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