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    I have a standard wood burning fireplace that I'd like to convert to a gas fireplace. When the fireplace was originally installed [by the prior homeowner] a gas line was also installed [and is currently capped off] in case a future conversion was desired.

    What things do I need to consider in order to pursue this? What costs would be involved?

    I've read a lot about gas logs but am unclear as to whether they alone would do the trick. Do I need a fireplace insert and gas logs? Also, my fireplace is open from one side as well as from the front. Will I lose the side view if I convert to gas?


    If you are mostly looking for the view of a fire (not heat) then a set of vented logs should do the trick. Expect to spend from $300-$700 for the logs plus $200+ to install, assuming gas line is nearby. You will be able to see the logs from both the front and the side.
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