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By webfish on May 7, 2016 at 7:14 PM
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    1. DanburyTreeCT
      Great, thanks for the ideas.
    2. johnsgunworks
    3. CheapBassTurd
      Thank you! I remeasure my stack and use this thing often.
    4. Dieseldave01
      Cool calculator. Thanks

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    5. Turpenator2084
      In Oklahoma, it seems the only "measure" of wood is the "rick"-- very few sellers here will sell wood by the cord. At lunch today, a coworker said they'd never even HEARD of the cord. Is this an Oklahoma thing? One would think the firewood industry in Oklahoma would be more regulated than that, as this particular "measure" doesn't seem to be standard. It complicates my search for a good firewood provider, at least so far looking at Craigslist and seeing seller after seller offering "ricks" but not cords...
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    6. AlwayscoldinCali
      We were told this was a cord of pine. Thoughts? Sorry for the double picture.

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    7. CheapBassTurd
      That's a few days of 24/7 burning, TOPS.
      I do 5-6 cord a year burning 5 months 24/7.
      A cord is measured 4 ft wide x 4 ft high x 8 ft deep. (or the equivalent)
      Not one row across a pickup bed.
    8. firefighterjake
      Nope. Nada. No way . . . not a true cord of wood at least.
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    9. WoodyIsGoody
      That's about 1/5 of a cord. Five loads like that and you would have a full cord.
    10. Pete From Maine
      Pete From Maine
      I have been in the wood bissness for decades and never seen such a poor measure,(not how I'd like to put it), That is NOT even close to a half cord. I sell a full load, all I can fit on my pickup TWICE for a cord. You have been _ _ _ _ _ _ with your pants on.
    11. Nancy012
    12. BlueRidgeMark

      You were lied to. It's really that simple.
    13. jbmdux
      how tightly are you supposed to stack your wood for this calculator?
      I had a load delivered that filled a truck that was 8 ft long 6 feet wide and 5 feet tall loaded with a bucket loader. When I staked it, fairly tightly, it measures about .8 by this calculator.
    14. Ashful
      The wording of a cord, with which I am familiar, has the words “tightly stacked” right in the definition.

      Most government and other estimates I’ve seen for cord weight use 85 cu.ft. of solid wood for a 128 cu.ft. cord. That implies a stacking density of 66%, but I’m not going to try measuring that, myself.
    15. jbmdux
      I guess I am right in there with my measure
    16. Dataman
      No 1/2 TON pu can hold Cord of Wood. It would end up 5ft high. Too heavy.

      A face cord of firewood, also called a rick of firewood, is different than a cord. The common dimensions for a face cord or rick of wood is 8 feet long x 4 feet high x any length of wood. Although the common length of wood is typically 16 inches, there is no exact length requirement.
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    17. Ashful
      You’re new here, right? Where’s @Manly?
    18. MisterFixIT
      Using the calculator the 3x3x5 pallet stack of almond that the local feed store here sells for $180 would actually be 0.35 of a cord (1/3). Not the 0.50 (1/2) of a cord that they claim it to be. In real cord terms that almond is over a half a grand per cord. ... no they don't deliver. ha ha.

      This is why I gave up buying firewood. All of the firewood sellers in my area are like this. Its frustrating.
    19. NVHunter
      I'm gonna go buy a pallet of Almond from them Monday... At least the wood is seasoned unlike most of the other scammers in our area.

      I usually cut all of my own wood but a new baby kinda hampered my cutting time...

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