Cost effective pole barn install with materials on hand?

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Jun 19, 2014
I picked up a used quadrafire wood stove (6" top flue exit) and 6 pieces of 36" class A 8" insulated pipe (plus clean out T and cap) on a bargain deal awhile ago.

Built a pole barn, 12' ceiling/ wall height (16' peak), with 16" overhangs all around. Standard 5v metal roof, walls, will be insulated but right now everything is open.

What is most cost effective install? If thru wall, I need thimble and bracket. But then I either need to go thru 16" overhang and flash (do I use chimney flashing for a thru-roof application here?) Or spend $$$ on offsets.

Or I go thru roof, which I am loathe to do because of leak potential, and then I have no need of the 8" class A at all.

Would like to utilize the 8" class A since it's already purchased, but the 16" overhangs are causing me design problems.

I do have access to an older Fischer wood stove with a rear flue exit, which I could conceivably place flush against metal wall (appropriately insulated) and reduce the horizontal run significantly, but then I have extra stove instead of extra pipe, and Fischer less efficient than quadrafire.

Really prefer the only hole in my new barn being through the wall, if possible.

Not opposed to buying what needs bought, would just like to make use of what I have first. Thanks in advance.
Just go up and out the roof with it. It's easier cheaper and works better.

Also what will the barn be used for?
What's the big deal of a notch in the overhang? Put a diverter right above the notch, water will flow

I guess I'm overthinking this? Would I just need to cut a square out of overhang with a straight diverter extending a few inches on either side of chimney and then flash around whatever else was left exposed??

I don't know the language / terms for this, so I've been having trouble finding images of a similar situation
The diverter would be angled, or two smaller ones,. In a tractor tread pattern, and I don't see a need for any flashing. You are outside the building , cut the roofing pretty tight, good to go. The style roofing you have should have a gambrel flashing listed, it's already got the notches cut to use as a diverter
What is most cost effective install?
Straight up, through the roof. It's also the best performing. Do it right and there will be no leaks.

Do you know if the used chimney pipe is properly rated, in excellent condition, and suitable for this installation? If it is old chimney pipe or if it came from a fireplace, it may not be.
I love my shop stove. All vertical through the roof. It is undesirable to go through the wall for several reasons.

Lots of homes with metal roofs and penetrations that don’t leak.