Couple notes from the disassembly of my system.

Fred61 Posted By Fred61, Aug 27, 2018 at 12:19 PM

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    Nov 26, 2008
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    EKO resized.jpg Inside tank resized.jpg After returning from my annual springtime RV adventure I started dismantling my EKO and associated piping and storage. Started casually a few minutes a day because my medication is affecting my energy level. I soon decided that I had better speed up or I might be still working on it this winter. There was more piping there than I remember installing. It's pretty much completed now.

    I was wondering what I was going to see when I opened the storage tank after 10 years of use, I suspected I would see something that looked similar to "the eggplant that ate Chicago" because I thought I was seeing what looked like a semi transparent snot in the sight glass' I was pleasantly surprised to see that the water was crystal clear with a thin coating of darker sediment on the bottom. It turned out that what I saw in the sight glass was a lime deposit.

    Although I had a snorkel piped to the outside through the sill for expansion I never needed to add much water over the years. I would have thought I would have had more evaporation. The boiler water was also quite clean.

    I was able to get the tank outside with the help of my lazy brother in law but the boiler is shoved to the side on blocks out of the way of my plumbing Job.

    Anybody want to buy them? EKO is in pristine condition and stainless tank contains 200 feet of copper coil.
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