Damper closed = odor

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New Member
Feb 28, 2023
I have been operating my VC encore for two seasons. Brand new unit. Recently I have started getting a smoke odor after the stove comes up to temp and I close the damper. I suspect the griddle gasket may be bad it’s starting to feel hard around the front of the stove towards the handle. Does this sound like a reasonable theory?
Could be, any signs of soot? Close the griddle on a dollar bill and see if it slips out easily in a few places. VC's are known to puff back with the damper closed and the cat hot, the box will flashover and emit a puff pushing past the griddle gasket.
I had a similar problem, and solved it by opening the intake a little more. Sometimes the firebox would just fill with smoke, and periodically burn off with a flash and a burst of flame. Smoke would leak out around the gaskets, and that's how I'd know I was having a problem. My gaskets are fine, but I guess pressure was building up to the point where it would leak out around the door. Adding more air seemed to fix the problem for me.
It's a fine line to walk with these stoves, if you monitor catalyst temps adding air can really let the cat take off.
This could be back puffing.. if this is the vase its normally a sign of the draft at that time being weak or your allowing in just enough air in the box for it to Ignite.. Open damper door to re establish draft .. or you can cut the air back some more allowing less air