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    We are trying to find a replacement for a damper in our fireplace. It has rusted and we would like to put in a gas log heater. My husband had this put in in 1965 and the only name we can find on it is heat-a-lator. Is this company still in existence? we have been trying to find someplace that could replace this, but have come to a standstill. Thank you Barbar Williams


    It is difficult to replace a rusted out damper in those old heatilators, however, a good chimney sweep may have some ideas for you. One might be to install a top-sealing damper. These fit on the top of the chimney and use a cable which mounts in the fireplace to control the operation.

    Heatilator is still in business, however, as I mentioned, it might be more complicated than just replacing the damper. It's possible that the firebox and other areas close to the damper have also rusted.
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