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Michigan25PDVC Posted By Michigan25PDVC, Jan 9, 2018 at 7:27 PM

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    I am doing a review on 5 Michigan brand pellets. So far I have tested Pro Pellets, and Isabella Pellets

    Pro Pellets- They are a hardwood pellet. They are an assortment of sizes from. 1/4-3-4 inch length. They aren’t very dusty. They have a nice smell not to strong. The ash content is minimal at most. They burn very hot in my stove which is a 2004 Englander 25 PDVC setting are 9-9 thermostat operated, and 2,2,1 from left to right on advanced settings. I get typically 1-1 1/2 bags a day depending on the temputures. My pipe set up is simple 2 15 degree elbows and a 36 inch straight pipe with a vent with a fresh air vent running on the opposite side so it doesn’t draw in the warm air off the exhaust don’t know if it happens but it makes me feel better lol. All in all great Pellet. Price is 4.49 a bag at family farm and home In Newaygo MI or 189.50 a ton

    The Isabella Pellets
    This is a softwood Pellet. Size is pretty much the same through the bag at roughly a 1/4 inch the smell is amazing. Dust is at a minimum. So far the ash is a slight bit more then The Pro Pellets but not by much. They are about the same heat as the Pro Pellets maybe a little less running the same settings as the pro pellets. I would choose pro pellets over these. Price is 5.00 a bag or 219.00 a ton at oasis in White cloud MI.

    I will update once I get to the other 3

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    Did you complete your comparison?
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