Disappointed With My Stihl

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Burning Hunk
Jan 13, 2014
Had oiler issues the first week I had it. Took 6wks. 3 burnt chains and a ruined bar to finally get it fixed. Every te I use I have to tinker with it or put the chain back on after it falls off or the nose on my 18" bar plugs up( something new) and I have to tear it down and clean it before I have 1/2 a Rick cut. Very irritating

Interesting. So far the oiler is my only complaint on my 271. I've run about 6 tanks and fill the oil reservoir every time. The last run the bar and chain started smoking.I pulled it apart and the oiler hole was free of particles and oil flowed fine but the bar groove was all gunked up and I had to clean it out with a blower on my compressor and then she ran fine again. Is this similar to what you experienced or was your oil hole (no idea on the technical term for it) plugged on the inside or something different? Thanks.


Minister of Fire
Feb 20, 2014
Central Indiana
My oiler was putting out some oil just not enough to keep up with the saw. But my hole that the oil comes out of was never plugged, ended up having a different oiler put in under warranty after my bar and chain(s) got smoked. Sounds like similar issue tho with the smoke and all that . Need to make sure that the air hole that operates the oiler does not get pluggedup

Beer Belly

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Oct 26, 2011
I had to crank mine up......hole / screw bottom of the saw


Feeling the Heat
Jan 29, 2014
W. Mass
Cut a cord over the weekend with the 271 much better saw. The Stihl Rep is sending the saw (251) back to their research center to be reviewed. Be it over tightening, heat generated within the cover weakening the plastic who knows. However this is the weak link on the saw period, and dangerous IMO. Had I know yes I would not have originally purchased it. However there are many of these out there, and if I stop one person from being injured then I've done my part.

I don't care if it's a top of the line pro model, or a bottom of the barrel home-owner model the saw is not suppose to come apart period. $350.00 is not a lot of money, but it's real money. We cut hundreds of cords with our old poulan "home-owner" saw and it was running fine the day my dad got out of burning wood.

What we have is a large corporation who wants maximum profit while reducing costs. The dealer I purchased the saw from is pulling all the 251's off the shelf and sending them back
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Aug 2, 2006
Northern IL
It sounds like you were made "whole" again. That is the ultimate endgame. It sucks that you had to go through the paces. Trust me - there is probably an engineer or two that are shaking in their boots right now. No company will intentionally put out a product that will tarnish their name.

In honor of saving this thread for future searches (good info in the thread) I am going to give it closure. Glad to see that you are happy with the new saw.
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